One View’s electronic content management solutions focus on helping auto dealerships protect, control and search their data to meet evolving business challenges.

Our solutions center around the changing needs and demands of the automotive industry with specific emphasis on:

  • Security

    One View provides secure back up of all customer data with full redundancy.

  • Dealer Control

    One View converts and stores data independently from a DMS and in a format that is always accessible, portable, and in the dealer’s control.

  • Usability

    Intuitive, fast, and easy to use, One View’s solutions allow customers to manage their data to make decisions.

One View’s solutions include:

Document Archiving

One View’s document archiving solution allows auto dealers to store their data such as monthly financial records, financial statements and invoices securely. Customers can easily search for, retrieve, and view their documents online or on CDs. One View’s solution is IRS compliant, and it requires no hardware or software installation.

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Auto dealers can quickly scan and securely archive original documents for quick and easy access through One View’s scanning solution. All scanned documents are then available to be searched and viewed easily online or on CDs.

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Management Reports

One View’s management report capabilities organize and display data effectively, enabling dealers to view and use their data to make better decisions for their businesses. Management reports include Expense-View and Floor Plan Reconciliation.

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Data Conversion

One View’s data conversion service can convert DMS archived data into an independent, DMS-neutral format so that dealers can use their archived data with other DMS solutions, if they want the option to switch to another DMS provider in the future.

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