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Our leadership team strives daily to determine strategy and direction that will drive more successful automotive dealership document management. We create software that’s simple to use and designed to remove timely manual processes.

David DeHaven | Chief Executive Officer

David DeHaven at One ViewDavid DeHaven started One View in 1997 as a digital document archiving solution. Leveraging his previous experience working in a car dealership, he has revolutionized automotive document management software to what it is today. He started his professional career as a car salesman in Santa Barbara, California. He understands the needs and frustrations of the automotive industry and manages his team to drive software innovations that benefit each of his customers.

Previously, he worked as a value-added reseller purchasing software for Unisys, a global information technology company. He also worked for Anacomp selling microfiche and microfilm solutions for data storage as an alternative to maintaining paper files.

Located in Indianapolis, David has grown One View into a leading automotive document management company. One View offers a suite of solutions to solve automotive dealership document management, data conversion and data archiving concerns. He leads the company on the principle of delivering an easy-to-use product with exceptional customer service.