McKenna Cars

McKenna Cars is a premier luxury dealership group in Southern California offering a selection of high-end sports and luxury cars including Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo models. Since the 1950s, McKenna Cars has expanded to seven locations serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Anaheim.

McKenna Cars (California, USA)

The Problem:

Recent group expansion exposed inefficiencies in managing documents.

During McKenna’s dealer group expansion over the recent years, they have encountered several inefficiencies within their document management process which caused challenges ranging from backlogged documents, to unfiled dead deals, to misplaced service documents and more. If McKenna was going to continue to grow, they needed a document management system that could grow with them.

The Solution:

McKenna Cars decided to take on document management with a modern, streamlined perspective. They prioritized re-envisioning their paperwork process to increase audit success and simplify their document workflow.

Implementing the One View Ecosystem

McKenna worked with the One View team to implement document scanning into all their service departments. This allowed each department to manage their documents from One View’s online repository, Vault. Through implementation of Vaults, robust security, now McKenna’s users could access their respective stores locally while corporate could manage the process centrally.

The Results:

“We had our
first warranty audit since adding One View across all of our
stores and 100/100 RO’s were found in One View. “

 Greg Stolrow, CFO at McKenna Cars

Through the use of One View’s Exception Report, the McKenna management team was able to quickly review what documents had been closed in the DMS but not properly filed. The team receives a weekly management report that keeps each stores’ teams in check. This new process allowed McKenna to increase their warranty audit success.


The workflow between management and the scan department has been simplified and streamlined to create a consistent plan across all stores.


McKenna was able to implement weekly management reports to keep their teams accountable and on track 


The documents have been consistently organized by data imported from their DMS, which allows any file to be found by the same properties, regardless of store.


Eliminated the need for additional scan operators as the same amount of work could be completed using One View’s time efficient batch scanning technology.

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