McKenna Cars

McKenna cars is the premier luxury dealership group in Southern California offering a selection of high-end sports and luxury cars including Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo models. Since the 1950s, Mckenna cars has expanded to seven locations serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Anaheim.

McKenna Cars in California, USA

What was the Problem?

Dealership expansion reveals concerns with document retention.

During McKenna’s expansion over the recent years, they have encountered several roadblocks within their document management process which caused challenges ranging from backlogged documents, to unfiled dead deals, to misplaced service documents and more.  

The solution

Mckenna Cars is a modern dealer group with a modern perspective. They prioritized re-envisioning their paperwork process to increase audit success and simplify their document workflow.

Comprehensive Dealership
Document Management Tools
from the One View Ecosystem

One View Vault is a comprehensive document management solution for the entire dealership. We have spent years perfecting our services to create a truly audit-focused process and holistic view of your dealership document heath. With a proven track record of success, we have been able to transform the dealership workflow into a streamlined and efficient process.  

The Results

"We had our
first warranty audit since adding One View across all of our
stores and 100/100 RO's were found in One View. "

 Greg Stolrow Former CFO at Mckenna Cars


Through the use our of Exception Report, the McKenna scan operators were able to clearly see which documents were scanned and captured and which ones had not yet been matched with the DMS feed. This comprehensive tool integrates directly with the DMS to create a real-time report of the dealership’s scan health. With the use of this tool, McKenna was able to increase their warranty audit success and cut down on the man-hours previously used to manage the documents, saving McKenna time, money, and resources.


The workflow between management and the scan department has been simplified and streamlined to create a consistent plan across all stores.


Mckenna was able to optimize the way the information was being collected and utilized to better suit the dealer groups’ goals.


The documents have been seamlessly organized and can be retrieved in a matter of seconds. 


Eliminated the need for additional scan operators as the same amount of work could be completed using half the number of employees with One View’s tools.

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We continue to evolve our document management ecosystem for dealerships across North America. No dealership or dealer group is too small or too big to find a perfect solution at One View. We offer a product that grows with you and supports you wherever your business ventures go.