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Vincent Catena

I love working with Auto Dealers and the automotive industry.  My goal is to help automotive dealerships solve problems related to their document management and data archiving. love to cook and spend time with my family around the dinner table. I’m also an avid auto enthusiast – my passion is PORSCHE and have been involved with PCA for over 25 years.

Three words that describes One View
Passionate, Innovative, Experienced

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Sports Team:
College Football: Florida State Seminoles

Favorite Movie:

Favorite TV Show:
History Channel – Ancient Aliens

Favorite Vacation:
I live in SW Florida and moved here because it’s pretty much a vacation spot all year round.

Favorite Cereal:
Chocolate Lucky Charms

First Car:
76 Porsche

Best Piece of Advice:
“Sometimes you’re ahead, and sometimes you’re behind, but the race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

Cats or dogs: