Closing the month-end books in an auto dealership involves a series of critical steps to ensure accuracy, compliance, and completeness. Given the already chaotic accounting office, it’s crucial to establish a systematic process to ensure all steps are taken. Aligning with a vendor, like One View, who understands the importance of a proper month-end close, can ensure reduced opportunities for error. 

 Here are some best practices and tools to consider for effective month-end closing in auto dealerships: 

  1. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):
  1. Use Cross-Verification Checklist:
  1. Perform Regular Audits and Reconciliations:
  1. Ensure Digital Archiving of Documents
  1. Change Management Protocols:
  1. Data Validation Tools:
  1. Benefits of Archiving and Scanning:
  1. Regular Review Meetings:
  1. Continuous Improvement:
  1. Employee Training:

By combining a structured approach, well-defined processes, reliable scanning and archiving tools like One View, and a commitment to continuous improvement, you can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of month-end closing procedures in auto dealerships. Remember that a proactive and well-documented approach is key to mitigating risks associated with personnel changes and data conversions. 


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