Dealership Group and Single-Point Subscription Pricing

One View Vault is a solution for every dealership. The document management platform enables dealerships of any size to retain and own a copy of their data, creating a DMS independent dealership. Many dealership groups use Vault to provide a consistent view of data from multiple dealerships or even multiple DMS providers.

User Management and Advanced Security Options

Dealership Admin users can easily manage user permissions to ensure secure access to the correct information within the dealership. Advanced security options include:

  • Public IP Restrictions (IP Whitelist)
  • User-based Public IP Restrictions
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) + Public IP Restrictions

Enhanced Exception Reporting

One View sets up an automatic DMS data import to then match with the scanned documents in Vault. The Vault Exception Report mitigates risk by quickly identifying unscanned documents or scanned documents whose DMS records have not been closed. One View provides dealers insight to what documents have not been captured yet, which is essential when preparing for an audit.