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FAQ: Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft is ending all technical support and security updates in January, 2020. This article will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Windows upgrade process. Please contact One View prior to upgrading to Windows 10. Call our Customer Success team at 317.915.9039 or email CSM@one-view.com. One View recommends that your dealership IT staff handle the Windows upgrade processes, please consult them prior to making any changes to your computer.

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8 Signs Your Employees Function as a Team

If you work in a dealership, chances are you have attended a meeting where managers have talked about the importance of teams and team building to rally motivation and cooperation. But does your dealership really foster a team environment, or is your managers’ use of team terminology merely lip service? Here are eight signs that your employees are effectively functioning as team members.

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dealership employees

How Dealership Turnover and a New Workforce Affect Your Bottom Line

According to the NADA 2016 Dealership workforce survey, two of every five service advisors leave each year, which equals a 39% annual turnover rate. On average, a service advisor’s tenure is 2.3 years. Hiring and retaining employees has been a growing challenge for small to large dealerships nationwide. Turnover affects dealerships in multiple ways, such […]

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dealership manufacturer audit

6 Tips for Improving Manufacturer and Sales Audits

Typically, 50 to 100 vehicle folders are reviewed during an audit, depending on the manufacturer. Preparation for these takes a great deal of time and also puts the dealership at expensive risk if not handled properly. Here are a few of our recommendations to best prepare for a warranty audit.

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Become a Shred Certified Dealership

Certain manufacturers require that dealerships retain all documents relating to warranty claims for at least a few years following the date of claim payment. In 2008, BMW implemented the electronic archiving (EAS) program. Honda and BMW dealerships can become electronic archiving certified to shred their paper warranty documentation and electronic documents will be accepted for […]

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Using Document Scanning/Retrieval for Upselling

Dealerships want to continually engage customers, upsell and increase retention. A happy, loyal customer will return for future business and refer your dealership to their friends and family. Those customers assume you already know their vehicle history and expect the information to be readily available. Customer satisfaction is absolutely key to improving your CSI and […]

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Dealership file room

Dealership Backscanning 101

When you have made the decision to start electronic document management, you will then need to decide which documents you will be scanning and when you will start scanning. Back scanning can be a very sizeable task for one or two employees to handle and may take months.

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Full File Cabinet

Top 5 Reasons Your Dealership Should Say Goodbye to Paper

Turning mounds of paper into digital documents available with the click of a mouse has many instant benefits. Here are our top five reasons why you need to say goodbye to paper.

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One View_exception report

What is an Exception Report and What Do I Do With It?

One View’s exception report displays the documents that have been scanned into One View but are not currently matching in your dealer management system (DMS). One View’s automated exception report provides your dealership with many benefits.

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Key Considerations to Secure Your Dealership Data

As a dealership storing thousands of customers’ records stored, along with their sensitive personal information, you must consider your internal approach to data security, confidentiality and reliability. Following these tips will minimize your threat of a costly data security issue in your dealership.

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