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Best Practices: Month-End in Auto Dealerships 

In the fast-paced world of auto dealerships, the month-end closing process is a critical endeavor that demands precision and efficiency. This blog delves into a comprehensive guide on how to navigate this complex financial maze. From creating standardized operating procedures to employing cutting-edge archiving tools, we offer valuable insights into streamlining your month-end procedures. Discover the benefits of best practices, including compliance, cost savings, and enhanced security.

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Maximizing Compliance and Retention: A Roadmap for Controllers and Office Managers  

Delve into the critical world of compliance and document retention in automotive dealerships. Discover actionable insights and strategies to streamline processes, avoid costly violations, and ensure your dealership remains compliant with regulations like GLBA and CCPA. Stay ahead of the curve and build trust with your customers by mastering these essential aspects of dealership management.

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Using Digital Desking Tools in Car Dealerships

Using Digital Desking Tools in Car Dealerships Digital desking tools have become increasingly prevalent in car dealerships. Platforms that allow dealers the streamlined ease of creating documents digitally give huge value to customer satisfaction. Using One View’s next-generation document management product gives dealers the opportunity to leverage many of the desking products on the market […]

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Data Security and the Crucial Role of Retention Rules for Car Dealerships

Data Security and the Crucial Role of Retention Rules for Car Dealerships In today’s digital age, data is a driving force behind business operations, and car dealerships are no exception. From customer records and financial data to inventory management and sales documents, car dealerships rely on data to function efficiently. However, with this dependence on […]

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Changes in GLBA Guidelines and What it Means for Auto Dealerships

Changes in GLBA Guidelines and What it Means for Auto Dealerships The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), also known as the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, has long been a cornerstone in the protection of consumer information within financial institutions. The GLBA mandates that companies explain their information-sharing practices to their customers and safeguard sensitive data. Recently, […]

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Understanding the Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Today’s Digital World

Understanding the Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Today’s Digital World In an increasingly digital world, data is our most valuable asset. Yet, as our reliance on digital platforms grows, so does the risk of cyber threats. It’s no longer enough to protect our data with a simple password. That’s where Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) comes […]

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Here are the top 10 reasons why car dealerships need to use document management in 2023

Increased efficiency: Document management systems allow dealership staff to quickly and easily access important information, saving time and reducing the risk of manual errors. Improved accuracy: Electronic document management systems can help eliminate errors and inconsistencies in record-keeping, ensuring that important information is accurate and up-to-date. Better organization: Document management systems allow dealerships to categorize […]

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Vendor Management

Don’t miss this opportunity to vet your vendors… (2023)

Thankfully NADA is back in person this year, and that gives all dealers a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with their vendors. Many traditional best practices have taken a back seat to widespread worries over inventory and hiring – like vendor reviews.

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How to set up MFA on your Vault Account (2023)

Starting 12/9/2022, One View Vault users will be required to use two-factor authentication, as per changes mandated in the Graham Leach Bliley Act (GLBA).  Since these requirements have been pushed back until June 2023, organizations can opt out of the MFA requirements until that deadline. There are three MFA methods currently available in One View […]

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How to Prep Documents for Batch Scanning (2023)

Document Prep is an essential step to proper document scanning. While document prep may seem like a skippable step, it is absolutely not. Prepping your scan documents properly saves time and streamlines the scanning process while also acting as a fail-safe to keep your scanner in top condition. To being the prep process, make sure you have all of the scannable documents organized in a batch, and then being by removing all staples, binder clips, and…

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Want to be a Shred Certified Dealership?

Automotive dealerships that utilize an approved electronic document scanning and archiving system reap many benefits to aid their dealership in the short and long-term but how do dealerships become shred certified? The process is easier than you might think…

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Are your Employees Functioning as a Team?

If you work in a dealership, chances are you have attended a meeting where managers have talked about the importance of teams and team building to rally motivation and cooperation. But does your dealership really foster a team environment, or is your managers’ use of team terminology merely lip service? Here are eight signs that your employees are effectively functioning as team members.

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Automotive Document Management

It may not be sexy but it could save you a bundle… (2023)

I’m talking about proper Automotive Document Management. We all know car deals are complex and can be messy. Technology solutions are helping dealerships move towards a more digital, streamlined process. However, lack of communication between systems is a continuing problem. It takes multiple applications to take a deal from start to finish – many of which do not transfer data across systems. With so many systems in play, there’s a significant risk of losing or misplacing information along the way. To be audit-ready, proper automotive document management must be in order.

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Phishing scam emails

Are Phishing scams really that dangerous? The short answer is yes. (Updated 2023)

Phishing scams are dangerous and tricky. A lot of damage can be done in a short amount of time and it is critical to be aware and be prepared. Dealership have become an easy target for scammers because the volume of customer interaction is so high. Mix in the increased amount of digital transactions for buying vehicles, dealership personnel have to incredible diligent to avoid risking data.

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GLBA Compliance

Raising the Fence: Adopting New Rules to Improve Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2021 and the shift in quantity is expected to be permanent. That’s a scary stat for any business – but especially for auto dealerships, which are at the forefront of cybersecurity attacks.

We all know how much sensitive customer information changes hands when a vehicle is financed or leased. It’s no wonder the FTC classifies motor vehicle dealers as “non-banking financial institutions” that must follow strict Safeguard Rules. And now those Rules have become even more stringent.

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Protecting Your Dealership from Mother Nature

Secure document storage is an essential aspect of maintaining any dealership. With rules and regulations constantly changing, it makes it even more difficult to predict what the future holds. As we enter the summer season, now is a great time to think digitizing such a crucial asset. It is important to recognize the threats and […]

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How to clean a scanner

How to Clean FUJITSU Scanner

Proper maintenance is critical to prolong the life of the scanner. It is important to put a routine cleaning schedule in place to ensure paper dust and contaminants are not interfering with your scans causing residual artifacts, streaks, or speckles. Here’s how to clean the FUJITSU fi-7160 Scanner and the FUJITSU 6670 Scanner.

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Selling your Dealership automotive document management document scanning

Considering Selling Your Dealership? Read This First.

Mergers and acquisitions of dealerships ramped up over the past few years and consolidations are still going strong. The biggest trend driving sales is a wave of older generational dealers hitting retirement age. Given the current market, whether you are ready to begin selling your dealership or just considering, now is a great time to start preparing.

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Automotive fixed ops

4-Step Process to Optimize & Modernize Your Service Shop (Fixed Ops)

When I think of Fixed Ops, I think of “slow and steady wins the race.” Sure, sky-high prices for the few and far between new vehicles on the ground are pushing profits up now, but fixed ops has always been the workhorse responsible for nearly 50 percent of a dealership’s gross profits. I believe you can push that percentage even higher with a 4-step process to optimize service operations and modernize service offerings.

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Scanning OCR

Scanning Tips: What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

You’ve heard of scanning, but have you heard of optical character recognition? This functionality is an absolute game-changer for scanned documents because each character is digitally cataloged and becomes searchable.

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Secure your Dealership Data

Key Considerations to Secure your Dealership Data

Customer data is one of the most sensitive and important assets a dealership has. Preventing exposure of confidential data is always a top concern. Ask yourself these important questions to ensure your dealership and vendors follow data security best-practices and keep your customer information is protected.

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Understanding How Dealerships Save Money with Vendor View

Avoid unintentional renewals and compare services from store to store quickly and easily with Vendor View, One View’s effective web-based contract storage management platform. Vendor View provides a central location to view and compare all vendor terms and conditions with ease.

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DMS Data Archiving: Why It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

At a recent presentation I was giving on the DMS exit costs, an attendee claimed my opinion on exiting a DMS was faulty; he explained that if a customer has a long-standing relationship with a DMS, that DMS would have no problem giving data back to if they ended their agreement. This belief is not uncommon, but it is an unwise assumption.

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dynamic reporting

The Task That Can’t Be a Victim of the Labor Shortage

One task that cannot be the victim of today’s labor shortage is proper document scanning. With increased audits seeming to be a source of revenue for OEMs, and stringent state laws about deal document retention, sloppy scanning can lead to big charge-backs or fines.

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Tips for Scanner Maintenance

Did you take a road trip this summer? If you did, I bet you took your car in for a service before you took off. It’s common sense to prioritize maintenance to avoid problems down the road.

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How a can Controller close the Month in 2 Business Days

There are two big reasons many dealerships struggle to close their books quickly: lack of pressure from the top and co-worker buy-in. A Controller can’t do it alone. A two-day close requires that the entire dealer group be on the same page because a lack of data from one department can delay the entire process.

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3 Accounting Take-Aways from the A-Team

Growing up in the 80s, I loved the A-Team. I thought they were the coolest; even the van was awesome! Ultimately, what made them great as a team was that they worked better together. The “better together” philosophy can easily carry over to a different A-Team: the “Accounting Team.”

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DMS provider

Don’t Be a Frog in Boiling Water – Get The Most From Your DMS Provider

As the fable goes, a frog put in a cool pot of water that is slowly heated will happily hang out until its eventually cooked. The gradually changing temperature fools it into thinking conditions are not changing. When it comes to your DMS provider, you cannot be complacent like the frog.

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4 Steps to Get Your House in Order for Service Warranty Audits

Service warranty audits are back – some dealers say with a vengeance, according to a recent Auto News article.  Others consider the return of audits, now that the pandemic has eased, to be business as usual. Why do some dealers find it easy to stay on top of compliance while others panic when a warranty auditor sends them notice?

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6 Tasks to Re-Purpose Employee Time When Business is Slow

“Inspect what you expect” is a well-known business phrase that I think is particularly applicable to our industry today. That’s because many dealership employees have a LOT of time on their hands right now. Why not re-direct that time towards everyday tasks that you expect are getting done, but often don’t have the time to inspect? 

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