Their Challenge

Headquarter Automotive had historically managed all their documents physically at the dealership. All that paper and racks of books required tons of space, incurred additional costs for offsite storage, and prevented their teams from efficiently access documents quickly.

One View Solution

One View contacted Judy L. Farcus Serra, COO/ CFO of Headquarter Automotive, and offered a simplified solution that saved on space, cost, and time. For over nearly 20 years, One View has implemented and managed a digital document management system for Headquarter. Over the past decade, they have gone to selling almost 10,000 cars a year, which would have required a ton of offsite storage space and huge cost of rent for the storage space and handling of the files. By leveraging One View and it’s online Vault platform, Headquarter is able to continue to grow in volume without the burden of storing their increasing volume of data, while benefiting from Vault’s immediate accessibility.