Document Prep is an essential step to proper
document scanning.While document prep may
seem like a skippable step, it is absolutely not.
Prepping your scan documents properly saves
time and streamlines the scanning process while
also acting as a fail-safe to keep your scanner
in top condition.

To being the document prep process, make sure you have all of the scannable
documents organized in a batch, and then being by removing all staples,
binder clips, and other pieces of metal that may be attached to the Then tape
all small or
odd-sized papers to the back side of a page or a blank sheet of paper.
Be careful to tape down the top and the bottom of the odd-sized papers to
ensure that the scanner will be able to pull it through seamlessly.

Once all odd-sized papers have been affixed to blank sides, draw a large “X” across the back of any remaining blank pages.  This step is essential for continuity should there be an audit in the future.

Next, unfold all folded corners and smooth edges as flat as possible, and be sure to carefully tape all rips or tears. This step will ensure that the batch scan process runs smoothly and that no pages risk causing a potential paper jam.

Lastly, count the page numbers for each document and write the total number of pages associated with that document in the top corner of the first page. Do not include any blank pages in the total count.

Successful document preparation will save your dealership countless hours of manual work and also ensures that your scanner is well-maintained and will see a long operation life.

Condensed Instructions: