Secure document storage is an essential aspect of maintaining any dealership. With rules and regulations constantly changing, it makes it even more difficult to predict what the future holds. As we enter the summer season, now is a great time to think digitizing such a crucial asset. It is important to recognize the threats and protect yourself and your dealership by keeping your client’s critical documents safely stored in an off-site database like One View’s Vault.

Floods, fires, and tornadoes are amongst the biggest threats to on-site document storage. These forces can completely wipe out your dealership records in a matter of moments.

Flooding Risks to Dealerships

Flooding is a relentless reminder to have digital documents stored in the cloud.Flood risk to car dealershipAn urban flooding event occurs once every 2-to 3 days putting millions of businesses at risk each week. These floods result in devastating losses which can be detrimental to your business if you are not prepared. Approximately 730,000 retail, office, and multi-unit properties face an annualized risk of flood damage. While we know that the structural damage alone is grounds for concern, losing all your dealership’s stored documents is an entirely different issue that could cost tens of thousands of additional dollars should a warranty audit soon follow. Having your documents safe and secure in a digital format will accelerate your recovery after a natural disaster.

Fire risk to Dealership

Fire Risks to Dealerships

Over 100,000 fires occur each year with an overwhelming 31% of those fires happening after hours in office buildings between 7 pm and 7 am. These office fires cause 67% of the annual property damage attributed to all fires. During these times, the offices are typically unattended and left to the full force of the fire. This is where the loss potential is at its highest because once the fire begins, there is no way to recover your important documents.

tornado risk to car dealership

Tornado Risks to Dealerships

With around 1,200 tornados touching down in the United States each year, the threat from a tornado may appear few and far between but if it does happen, it would be disastrous. Just last year, the Faulkner Mazda dealership in Pennsylvania was hit by a tornado. The storm leveled parts of Faulkner’s service center, causing widespread damage to their business. It is so important that we learn from these experiences and work to better position our dealerships to recover after a natural disaster like this one.

The threats from unexpected natural disasters are very real and if your dealership’s documents are stored in filing cabinets in your back office, or even in an on-site storage container, you’re putting your business at unnecessary risk. Once a document is destroyed, there may be no way to recover it. One View’s document scanning solution is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect your documents from a natural disaster. We’re here to keep our customers on track and regularly check to make sure that we’re receiving data from all our scanning customers. We even send automatic notifications if we haven’t received scans in a while. We know that it is our duty to not only keep your records safe but also keep them up to date.

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