Scanner maintenance is essential to maintaining performance, reliability and longevity of your scanner. To continue optimal scanning speed and accuracy, regular cleaning and maintenance checks are necessary. Paper dusk tends to accumulate inside the ADF and may cause scanning errors over time. Following these tips below will help ensure your sharpest, best scans.

  1. Clean your scanner once a week. Set a reoccurring calendar reminder on your email to clean your scanner each week. Wiping the lenses, pads, rollers and feed mechanism will only take you a couple minutes.
  2. Cleaning the outside of the scanner.
    1. Clean the outside of the scanner including the ADF paper chute (feeder) and the stacker with a
    2. Using a small amount of cleaner is recommended. If you use too much it may take a long time to dry.
    3. Try not to let any moisture inside the scanner during the cleaning.
  3. Cleaning the inside of the scanner.
    1. Turn on the scanner, press the menu button then use the up and down arrows to select 2. Cleaning then press enter to confirm.
    2. Spray the cleaner on your cleaning paper.
    3. Pull out the chute and slacker extensions. Load the cleaning paper in the ADF paper chute and press enter.
  4. Replace scanner maintenance kit. Check your scanner model and order the proper Scanaid cleaning kit when needed. Each kit includes cleaner, cleaning paper, and a cleaning wipe. Apply the leaner to the cleaning paper and wipe the scanner.
  5. Reference your operator’s guide. For complete, step-by-step instructions on caring for and operating your scanner, reference the operator’s guide.
  6. Replace the brake and pick rollers. Periodically the scanner consumable parts need to be replaced. We recommend that you replace the brake and pick rollers before their end of life, which is approximately 20,000 sheets scanned.

If you need further assistance cleaning your scanner, contact our support team at 1.800.923.8439 or


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