Vault Scanning

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a tool that isolates letters in an image specific to a region on the page. This functionality is an absolute game-changer when scanning documents because each character is digitally cataloged and becomes searchable.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could “Ctrl+F” and find something in your handwritten journal? We know – we think so too. That’s why we utilize ORC in our Vault platform, within all scanned documents. Dealers need a secure place to house accounting and dealership documents and it should be searchable and convenient.

We have mastered the document retrieval process because everything is just a search away.

Need to retrieve the complete service history for a disgruntled customer? Type in the customer’s name and all their relevant records will come back instantly. Need to find a deal jacket for a specific vehicle? Type in the partial or whole VIN and retrieve the deal jacket, in addition to any other records related to the vehicle.

So how does it work exactly? As you scan the documents, our OCR functionality will identify the key title of the document. (Such as an invoice number, deal #, etc). This functionality eliminates the need for keystrokes. We perform a cross-reference on each scanned document that enters our vault repository. This process uses our database and data from your DMS to populate 15+ indexes to that document.

The benefits of Optical Character Recognition in Scanning

  1. Minimal keystrokes
  2. Auto-population of indexes
  3. Accelerated document retrieval
  4. Standardized organization of documents

Effortless Searches

One common afterthought of dealerships who elect to scan is choosing how to title their documents. This decision is usually made by the person scanning the document; without a standard naming process, this can lead to inconsistency and difficulty finding the documents.

One View’s Vault is so vital because we apply standardized indexing to every document so things are consistently retrievable by the same key descriptors; like VIN, Name, Stock #, Invoice #, etc. Eliminating the guess work leads to a more productive workforce.

Automated Workflows & Accelerated Scanned Document Retrieval

There’s no doubt you’ve heard a lot about automated workflows at the dealership. It seems to be a buzzing topic, but what does it mean? “Automated workflows” refers to the replacement of overly manual processes to simplify and standardize the work.

Automated workflows offer benefits to both the dealership and the dealership’s customers. HighGear explains these softer benefits, which extend outside of the dealership.

Increase Organization for Scanned Documents

We love when things are easy and actively update time-consuming workflows in Vault. Through this practice, Vault has grown into an easy, organized document management platform for automotive dealers. In addition to the ORC technology, our platform is built as a file tree, expanding to reveal meticulously organized files ready for viewing.

Our goal is to remove the mystery of lost files and create an environment for business success. We are experts in document scanning and document management and harbor a deep knowledge of the automotive industry. One View knows what dealers need, and offer exactly what they want; easy document retrieval on an intelligent platform.

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