Physical presence and activity at the dealership may have slowed to a near halt but that does not mean that your business must follow suit. We have heard from many dealers who are using this time to reevaluate their dealership workflows and cut out any unnecessary costs or time sucks. We understand your store may look, feel, and operate differently after COVID-19 has been contained and customers, employees, and management return to the dealership. Here are a few of our recommendations to help smooth that transition and adjust to a new standard operation.

When considering how the virus is spread, reducing physical contact between customers and employees is a must. We recommend taking time to assess your currently document workflow and determine the best way to streamline that process by minimizing human touch-points. An example: instead of having all employees drop paperwork onto the warranty admin’s desk, designate a location where are paperwork is placed so the warranty admin minimizes contact and reduces likelihood of paper being misplaced.

Wherever you can find areas to reduce the physically passing of documents between employees and especially between employees and customers will give your staff and customers a little peace of mind knowing you took the care to reduce an opportunity for exposure.

Assessing the document flow for each department has potential to shed light on other inefficiencies and this is a perfect time to tighten up those department workflows.

Some dealerships have ceased scanning all together as the Scan Operator may have been furloughed while the pandemic persists, but we urge dealerships to continue scanning, even during this uncertain time. It is important to continue scanning and archiving with One View because audits will follow this pandemic and document retention will be just as important as before. Not only will there be the standard industry audits but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will also be performing COVID-19 related safety inspections. Documentation of all safety procedures must be easily accessible.

As dealership employees return from furlough or new employees join the team, one thing that should not be neglected is your Exception Report. The report identifies the documents that need to be scanned into One View. Maybe it is time to reallocate the Exception Report responsibilities to someone new in the dealership. Don’t throw them in blind! Contact One View and the new user will receive hands on training with an Exception Report expert.

Additionally, it may be time to reallocate the responsibilities of scanning documents or sending archived reports to One View. We advise that you assess the workload of each employee and determine who is best equipped to take on these responsibilities. They won’t be alone; One View will be with them every step to ensure document storage practices continue to meet our quality standards.

We understand that employment levels of dealership Scan Operators and Vault users has been impacted due to the economic toll the pandemic has caused. As the economy begins to reopen this summer, and as dealerships maintain employment in following with PPP loans requirements, we expect new Scan Operators need to be trained or returning Scan Operators may need a bit of a refresher crash course on the scanning process.

The One View team remains available for all your training needs. Please contact us to schedule a time that works best for the Scan Operator’s schedule.

Introducing the One View Scanner Leasing program! If the thought of catching up on all your document scanning has you overwhelmed, we can get you set up with an additional scan station leased to the dealership, relieving that bottleneck in your document storage process. We will train a second Scan Operator or work with your existing Scan Operator to help them manage two stations at once.

Our leasing program, for one fixed cost, will lease out all the equipment necessary, perform Scan Operator training (up to 2 hours) and allow unlimited scanning for 6 months from that machine. Upon the end of the 6 months, you can return the equipment or elect to keep the equipment for an extended term.

One View knows this has been a challenging time, so our team is prepared to assist in any way possible to get you back up to speed. Contact our team today at (317) 915-9039.