One View Exception Report
One View’s exception report displays the documents that have been scanned into One View but are not currently matching in your dealer management system (DMS). It also reports the documents that have not yet been scanned into One View but are in your DMS. This detailed, dynamic report enables dealership management and accounting employees to ensure compliance by verifying all documents are scanned into the system properly. Further, they can drill down to track each unscanned or unmatched document to resolve within minutes.

Benefits of Your Exception Report
One View’s automated exception report provides your dealership with many benefits including:

How To Read Your Exception Report
You will see an exception number for unscanned and unmatched document type and specific store. Modify your report to see the last 7, 30, 60 or 90 days or set a custom date range. Display your exception report in a chart or list format for faster insight into resolving missing documents. The interactive, real-time report allows users to click through to view the specific day and instantly see exceptions. Document titles, deal #s, and RO #s can be corrected directly in the exception report for immediate clarification.

We recommend dealerships review their exception report with their team on a regular basis. Scan operators should check the unmatched section of the report to verify all scans from the previous day were appropriately named, transmitted and processed correctly into One View. Meanwhile, service managers or owners should check the exception report monthly to review the previous month’s unscanned documents.  Download your unscanned or unmatched list at any time to review and resolve with your team. Once the unscanned list for the month reaches 0, then all the documents can be considered safe to shred if permitted by your state association, manufacturer and CPA firm retention requirements.

What are Unscanned Documents
When an invoice or deal is closed in the DMS, a record for each closed invoice or deal is pulled from the DMS. If the record is showing on the unscanned report, then the document has not been scanned into the One View system yet. Unscanned documents are tracked by close date.

Reasons for Unscanned Documents
There are two primary reasons why a document would appear on the unscanned documents section of the exception report.

  1. The invoice or deal was not scanned.
  2. The invoice or deal was scanned but had the wrong name or document title. It is possible this will be corrected when the unmatched scans report is reconciled. Check your deal #, RO # and invoice # to make sure they are valid.

What are Unmatched Scans
If an invoice or deal was scanned into the One View system but there is not a correlating record pulling from the DMS, it will be listed as unmatched.

Reasons for Unmatched Scans
There are three primary reasons why a document would display on the unmatched scans section of the exception report.

  1. The scanned invoice or deal was not closed in the DMS. Therefore, a record could not be pulled. To fix this, ensure the record is closed in the DMS.
  2. The document was scanned but transmitted with the wrong document name or title. Similar to your unscanned documents, you should check the deal #, RO# and invoice # to make sure they are valid.
  3. The scanned document that was scanned was closed more than seven days ago. The nightly feed software will only pull seven days worth of closed invoices or deals.

If you have questions on your exception report, contact our support team or your Customer Success Manager at 317.915.9039 or to walk through your report.

If you are considering starting your document scanning and archiving process, request an ROI Analysis.