Revolutionize your document management with this free trial.  


  • Unlimited data, unlimited users, unlimited document types for the remainder of the CDK outage  + 45 days afterward
  • Improve your dealership’s document retention 
  • Implement industry best practices
  • Ensure security compliance
  • Streamline your internal workflows
  • Become Audit-Proof


  1. How many users can I set up? You are allowed unlimited users in the system. One View will setup a local admin account that will have the ability to setup additional users as needed
  2. How many users can scan? One View systems allows ay user with the scan permission the ability to scan or digitally upload files to their respective document folder
  3. How do I set up scanning? One View’s Web Scan solution is a simple document scanning solution. Just click the “Web Scan” module on the navigation pane, follow the one-time installer, and you’ll be ready to begin scanning immediately from that PC. Repeat the procces for any PC you want to capture documents.
  4. What will happen to my data after this is over? One View will permit access at no charge for the entirety of the CDK outage, in addition to 45 days after the DMS is restored. This will provide ample time for your departmental staff to access these documents virtually as they retroactively enter data back into the CDK platform. After 45 days, One View will make all data ingested during the trial period back to the dealership at no cost, no strings attached.
  5. What will I be able to search by? One View will setup common document properties, such as customer name, VIN, etc. for each document type so you can populate when scanning. This will allow easier shared access to files for your team by providing consistent document capture.
  6. How secure is One View? One View takes security seriously. Vault follows all required security regulations. You can read more by going here:

Work simpler with One View.

Easily manage accounting records, vendor agreements, deal jackets, service and parts orders, and more–all from one convenient platform.