Digital uploads of vendor contracts and automated notifications of contract renewal or expirations ensure dealers are never caught off guard.

October 19, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS – One View, an auto industry-specific data solution specialist, today announced the release of its Vendor View contract storage and management platform. The web-based, user-friendly platform allows dealerships to upload copies of vendor contracts and receive automated notifications of upcoming contract renewal or expirations to better manage vendor relationships and control expenses. Vendor View can be implemented as a stand-alone product or added to a dealer’s existing One View Vault subscription.

“Controlling expenses and staying up-to-date on vendor contracts has always been important to our dealer clients, but it’s even more important now as our industry recovers from the coronavirus pandemic,” said David DeHaven, One View Founder & CEO. “Vendor View is one central place where dealers can quickly view and compare all vendor terms and conditions so they are never caught off guard, and can make informed vendor decisions moving forward.”

Vendor View allows dealerships to manage all vendor contracts from one uniform platform. Dealerships can easily and securely scan and archive vendor agreements. This replaces the manual and time-consuming process of filing paper contracts, and then digging through file boxes in an effort to stay on top of contract terms and conditions.

One central view also helps dealerships avoid the “vendor gotcha moment” whereby forgotten terms and conditions result in an automatic contract renewal for a vendor that may no longer be a best fit. When dealerships can quickly access and analyze digital contracts, they avoid accidental renewals and are empowered to transition to new vendors when a contract ends or business needs change.

Five unique features simplify document management and ensure a contract renewal, change in pricing, or duplication of service, never slips through the cracks.

  1. Automated Notifications: Set and receive automated email notifications of upcoming contract renewals or expirations.
  2. Upcoming Renewals: Track all contracts with upcoming end dates via a user-friendly dashboard.
  3. Search Contracts: Locate contracts based on vendor, products and services provided, expense account, executed by, or contract dates.
  4. Add Context or Updates: Post document notes to a select group of users to communicate a change or update.
  5. Categorize Vendors: Assess dealership spending by categorizing vendors into related groups. Use visual graphs to highlight percentage of dealership costs.

One View is a SOC 2 certified organization, and as such is held to the highest standards of data security. Developed by the American Institute of CPAs, SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on security, among other service principles.

All dealership vendor contracts are scanned and sent to One View Vendor View through encrypted transmission methods and databases are backed up redundantly to multiple data centers to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

“Dealerships across the country are seeking ways to cut costs and run more efficiently,” said DeHaven. “We’re proud to offer a platform that makes it easy to view and manage vendor relationships with an eye to controlling costs, all within a top-of-the-line data center that meets the highest standards for security.”

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