June 21, 2024

Generic Forms to Use During this Time

Here at One View, we understand the impact of your business being down. We want to be your trusted partner to help provide any assistance you may need during this difficult time.

Below please find generic template overlays that you can use to keep your business running while your system is down. You can print these to provide to your team so they can hand-write on the forms until the DMS is back up and available to post.

*A few recommendations:

  1. Use the last 8 of the VIN as the temporary RO number to keep things clean and avoid employees from forgetting what sequential order these invoices are in.
  2. Use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of any transactions to ensure these can be easily posted once the DMS is back up and running.
  3. Hand-written tickets can be easily lost – have your team use One View’s Web-Scan function in Vault to scan these hand-written tickets into Vault so they can be found later for back-entry. If you need this feature turned on, contact our support team ASAP!


Contact our support team at support@one-view.com or 1 (800) 923-8439. Our team is here to help!


About One View

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