An advanced mix of automated document recognition technology and human review ensures auto dealers maintain a consistent, audit-friendly snapshot of monthly accounting data

September 27, 2022

Indianapolis, IN – September 27, 2022 – One View, an auto industry-specific data solution specialist, today announced that its monthly archiving product for auto dealers now has the added benefit of “ValiData” technology. The ValiData process leverages a mixture of automated document recognition technology and human review that ensures auto dealers maintain a consistent, audit-friendly snapshot of their accounting data after month-end.  It validates that the dealership’s most important data has been recorded each month and can be utilized by any dealership across any Dealer Management System. ValiData analyzes the types and size of reports received and breaks apart sub-reports ensuring each unique report is received consistently every month. This provides a level of verification that is unparalleled in the automotive industry.

One View is currently the only company in the automotive industry that incorporates accounting document verification into its core document management platform. Additionally, One View is DMS-agnostic, and its verification technology works with any DMS.

“One View’s decades of archiving services allowed us to generate tools that itemize reports including Schedules, Journals, General Ledgers, and more while analyzing the size and types of reports received to verify reliable document retention every month and from any DMS,” said Joseph Green, VP of Operations at One View.


In a time of continual operational transition such as buy/sells, DMS changes, employee turnover, and more, the opportunity for record retention failure is higher than ever. Without third-party oversight of a dealer’s most critical records, it can be all too easy to close a month too soon and risk losing critical accounting information. Even in systems that retain records for multiple years, there is rarely an easy mechanism to extract large quantities of data in the event of an audit. One View’s monthly archiving with ValiData gives dealers an in-depth third-party verification that the most important data is secure while also redundantly storing it outside their DMS.

“In this unparalleled era of transition, dealers can too easily fall into the assumption that things are archived properly – especially before/after a DMS switch. One View is proud to continue to build on our 25 years of experience by adding advanced levels of data verification to ensure dealers feel confident they are always Audit-Ready. We never want to hear a dealer, controller, or CPA question if something was saved in a system or struggle to generate reports critical to an audit in a timely fashion,” Green added.

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One View has been a trusted partner to thousands of automotive dealers across North America with a broad range of business solutions, including month-end data archiving, document scanning, and DMS data conversions. These solutions digitally capture dealers’ data from any source and provide immediate user access, insightful analysis, and management of their most important asset: their data. A preferred vendor, recommended by major CPA firms, manufacturers, DMS platforms, and dealer groups, One View has built a strong reputation of excellence by showcasing a solid product and a strong understanding of the automotive market. As the only auto industry-specific data solution specialist, One View has aided dealers with electronic data management for over 20 years. As the auto industry continues to move toward a more digital and paperless environment, One View is committed to preparing, consulting, and assisting dealers as they navigate into the data-driven 21st century.