Users can use the Vault Key to initiate searches of the One View Vault archiving platform without leaving the DMS screen or other applications

January 26, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — One View, an auto industry-specific data solution specialist, announces the launch of the Vault Key search application for One View Vault. Vault Key enables One View Vault users to initiate Vault searches from within any DMS or external application that allows text highlighting; eliminating the hassle of opening multiple tabs and increasing employee productivity and efficiency.

“Our dealer clients requested a faster, more efficient way to find and use information from One View Vault,” said David DeHaven, One View Founder & CEO. “Vault Key is a huge time-saving application that we developed in direct response to their needs. Our goal is always to help our clients easily find and use information more effectively to move their businesses forward. Vault Key is the first of several new products coming soon that meets that goal, while maintaining the highest standards of data security.”

Vault Key retrieves information from Vault documents from within a dealer’s DMS, CRM, credit application, web browser, email, OEM portal, or any application that allows text highlighting. Dealership personnel simply highlight a string of text in an application, press shortcut keys, and a web browser appears within the original application displaying Vault search results.

Dealership employees can search for complex VINs, customer names, stock numbers, and much more, with just a few keystrokes. By eliminating the need to key information into the search bar or jump back and forth between applications, Vault Key saves time and eliminates keystroke errors, while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Vault Key is a complementary search application for the state-of-the-art One View Vault, a browser-agnostic document management platform that is unique as it is compatible with all DMS vendors and suitable for dealerships of any size. Dealerships can securely and easily archive and access their data anytime and anywhere via any web browser.

Thousands of existing customers, including large dealership groups such as Serra Automotive Group, trust their document management to One View Vault. Dealers own their data and have the freedom to utilize it in any manner. It incorporates the highest standards of data security with a user-friendly, mobile-enabled interface that makes it easier and faster for dealerships to archive, access, and retain documents.

All dealership DMS data is sent to One View Vault and between applications using Vault Key through encrypted transmission methods. Databases are backed up redundantly to multiple data centers to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

Learn more about One View Vault Key and One View Vault, here.