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David DeHaven

Three words that describe One View:
Innovative / Customer Focused / Family Oriented

What I enjoy most about working at One View is:
Working in a face paced environment and with a collaborative team providing our clients the best independent solution for the always changing data environment.

Favorite food:
Cereal – specifically Captain Crunch!

The best concert I have ever attended:
The Eagles

Favorite vacation spot:
I love traveling with the family; everywhere we go is always an adventure. My wife is an expert planner so I love to sit back, enjoy the ride, and share memories no matter where we go.

Outside of the office you can find me:
Traveling! If we are at home, I try to play golf or you can find me on my mower.

My first car:
A turquoise 1968 Pontiac LeMans, and then I traded up to a blue 1973 Chevy Corvette Stingray with custom artwork.

I’m inspired by:
Other entrepreneurs.  I like to study their path to success.  I will call those who interest me to learn from them and develop a mentorship.

My day would not be complete without:
A cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning…yes, the actual paper copy, not online.  Don’t talk to me until I’m finished!