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Joseph Green

Alma mater:
Franklin College

Three words that describe One View:
Innovative / Fast-Paced / Entertaining

At One View:
I think the “Jack-of-all-trades” phrase was meant for me! In operations, there is always something different going on so I am involved in pretty much every aspect of the business whether it’s working with the Implementation team, Customer Success, Support, Accounting, Development: you name it. (I have even had to clean the bathroom a time or two!)

Favorite movie:
The Star Wars series

Favorite cereal:
Frosted Mini Wheats

Favorite vacation spot:
Capri, Italy

Best concert I have ever attended:
Lynard Skynrd

In another life, I am pretty sure I was:
A Circus ring master

Cats or dogs:
Both, I can’t choose between my Marvin or Wellie!