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Geoff Hynson

Alma mater:
Purdue University

Three words that describe One View:
Adaptive / Thorough / Collaborative

I’d like to help car dealerships improve:
Their utilization of their data. There is so much dealerships can do with their data to improve processes and I want to help develop better tools to analyze metrics useful to the industry.

Favorite food:
Kraft Mac n Cheese

Outside of work you can find me:
Having dance parties with my kids, watching movies or tv with my wife, or playing videogames with friends

The publication I read most regularly is:
The front page of Reddit

Cats or dogs:
I thought I was a dog person, then I got cats and am now a cat person

My first car:
Was a hand-me-down blue 1988 Ford Mustang named ‘Blue’. Had an i4 engine that maxed out around 85 mph, no air conditioning and a sweet sound system.