June 25, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 6/25/2024.  One View, a leading provider of document management solutions, is pleased to announce a special free trial of its services for all CDK clients affected by the ongoing CDK DMS system outage. During this challenging period, One View is committed to ensuring that dealerships can continue their operations without disruption. 

Effective immediately, any CDK customer can access One View’s document management system, Vault, and it’s Web Scan services free of charge for the duration of the outage and for 45 days after the system has been restored. This offering includes unlimited users, unlimited data, and the ability to handle a variety of departmental documents, such as service repair orders, parts invoices, deal jackets, accounting files, and more. 

“Listen, dealers are flying by the wire, and for the first time in decades, paper is the predominant triage strategy.” said Travis Peterson, VP of Products and Services. “Our goal is to ensure that dealerships can quickly digitize their paper documents during this outage, safeguarding their valuable data against potential lost documents; and enabling their team’s efficient access as they work to back-enter this data when this outage is restored after the 45 day period, all data will be returned to the customer for either re-import into the CDK system or continued use of the One View Vault platform.” 

Key Features of the Free Trial: 

Setup Process: Dealerships can start using One View’s services by following these simple steps: 

  1. Visit https://www.one-view.com/cdkoutage/. 
  2. Complete the form with dealership details. 
  3. Await a quick setup by One View’s Support Team. 
  4. Begin digitizing documents. 

After the trial period, One View will provide dealerships with a copy of all data scanned during the trial at no cost, ensuring that no dealership is left without their crucial data. 

FAQ Highlights: 

For more information on securing your data and continuing operations during the CDK outage, please visit www.one-view.com  


Media Contact: 

Jessica Joralemon-Syron 


(317) 915-9039 


About One View: One View enhances dealership operations through innovative document management solutions, enabling businesses to reduce their dependency on paper records and improve their workflow efficiencies. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, One View prides itself on its commitment to the automotive industry and its ability to offer flexible, secure document management solutions.