"A level of verification that is unparalleled in the automotive industry."

Effortless Audits

East Pain of Audit Process Compliance
Archiving with ValiData ensures your reports are always audit-ready.
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Streamline Workflow

Access all of your Accounting Reports from Anywhere
The Vault Data Center is mobile-friendly and maintains the highest level of security with a SOC 2 certification.
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Leverage Your Reports

Turn your Reports into Digital Assets
Get dynamic use out of static data by using data analysis tools like floorpan reconciliation.
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Boost Productivity

Drill Down into Your Data
Search within your accounting reports using full text search.
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Build Independence

Experience DMS Independence like Never Before
Archiving with One View allows you to freely move to a new DMS hassle-free.
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Monthly Accounting Reports at Your Fingertips

Instantly access your critical information. General Ledger, Schedules, Journals, Balance Sheets, Payroll Reports, AR Statements,Payroll Checks, Service Invoices, Parts Invoices, Laser Forms, and more. 


Learn the facts about Archiving with One View

The process to begin archiving is simple. Our team of experts will take care of everything from the initial software setup, to training, and ongoing support.  

We begin by analyzing your accounting reports and organizing your data in an efficient file structure. From there, we isolate the different report types and separate them into report folders. Our archiving team tracks your report types and size and ensures they these numbers are consistent month after month. If we see a variation from the norm, we will let you know.

The monthly archiving process is convenient and intuitive. This process has been streamlined for dealerships and controllers alike. We eliminate the pain points by having all of the data reviewed and organized by our Production Team making it user-friendly for everyone.

Save money during a DMS switch – When you Archive with One View, your accounting data is backed up in our secure data center and there is no need to pay data conversion fees when switching from one DMS to another DMS. 

Leverage your position with your DMS – Archiving also provides a leveraging benefit to dealerships during DMS negotiations since the data is already backed up and secured. 

Save money during an audit – Archiving comes with a built-in report validation process called ValiData. This process ensures that all of your monthly accounting reports have been appropriately recorded month after month. Since your reports are professionally organized, the audit process is simplified.

Archiving will cut down search time and retrieval while also increasing audit preparedness, allowing your controller to be more productive.  

Peace of mind – Your essential accounting documents are critical to the long-term success of your dealership and Archiving with One View puts Dealers in the driver’s seat by providing complete access to all closed accounting data, regardless of DMS.

You wouldn’t buy a house or drive a car without insurance, why would you run your business without insurance on your most important asset; your data? 

The Latest in Archiving Technology
The ValiData process leverages a mixture of automated document recognition technology and human verification that maintains a consistent, audit-ready snapshot of their accounting data after month-end. ValiData analyzes the types and size of reports received and breaks apart sub-reports ensuring each unique report is received consistently every month. This provides a level of verification that is unparalleled in the automotive industry.
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“We just had our best audit to date, and all thanks
to One View. We tapped their team for assistance and were able to find every single missing document.

The result? Zero chargebacks!”

Kevin Pitts
General Manager, BMW of Reading

“In this unparalleled era of transition, dealers can too easily fall into the assumption that things are archived properly – especially before/after a DMS switch. One View is proud to continue to build on our 25 years of experience by adding advanced levels of data verification to ensure dealers feel confident they are always Audit-Ready. We never want to hear a dealer, controller, or CPA question if something was saved in a system or struggle to generate reports critical to an audit in a timely fashion,”