Hiley Automotive Group

Hiley Automotive, a multi-store automotive group in Texas, found themselves constantly challenged by the time-intensive process of preparing for warranty labor rate and parts labor rate increases. The requirement of generating, downloading, and properly titling thousands of individual documents from their Dealer Management System (DMS) was labor-intensive and caused significant disruption to daily operations.

Hiley Automotive Group (Texas, USA)

The Problem:

Streamlining Audits for Hiley Automotive with One View's Document Prep Services

To prepare for the project, Hiley Automotive needed to process vast quantities of data from their DMS, which involved downloading, naming, and sorting numerous files. This process was not only time-consuming but also took away from other vital tasks which negatively affected their team’s productivity and overall profitability.

The Solution:

One View stepped in with its automated document preparation services. Hiley Automotive has engaged One View for this service 13 times across its stores over the past few years. Once One View receives the request from Hiley Automotive, they generate the required data from the DMS. This data is then processed into individual PDF files, each properly titled for easy reference.

Implementing the One View Ecosystem

Once the data is formatted and organized, it is delivered back to Hiley Automotive or their auditor through a USB drive or a digital download link, usually within 24 hours. This prompt and organized delivery facilitates a more streamlined process, enabling Hiley Automotive to focus on their core operations.

The Results:

With One View’s document prep services, Hiley Automotive has experienced significant time and labor savings. By taking over the data processing, One View has freed up hours of labor for Hiley Automotive, enabling their staff to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Moreover, the efficient and error-free documents prepared by One View have led to more streamlined warranty labor rate audits, resulting in Hiley Automotive maximizing their reimbursement rates.


One View’s document prep services have proven to be cost-effective and easy to facilitate for Hiley Automotive, delivering significant labor savings, reduced errors, and improved project outcomes. With a turnaround time of just 24 hours, One View’s services provide both efficiency and convenience, supporting Hiley Automotive in achieving a more streamlined and profitable operation.

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